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Since 2005, Clara King has been researching and fostering vitality in the Church, emboldening leaders just like you. 


Welcome.  Whether you’re ordained or a leader from the pew, in a struggling congregation or a vibrant one, if you're just discovering your leadership or a seasoned professional, you're in the right place.


  • Be refreshed by new ideas from the forefront of research
  • Find encouragement in¬†a supportive community of fellow leaders
  • Discover new tools and skills to meet the challenges ahead

Equipping, inspiring & empowering you.

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The Rev. Clara King empowers and equips good, faithful leaders wherever they’re found in the Church.  An Anglican Priest from Calgary, Canada, Clara has been researching, discerning and fostering congregational health since 2005, using tools such as Adaptive Leadership.  

Clara is a PhD Candidate in Practical Theology at Fuller Seminary, studying how to teach Adaptive Leadership.  She is a Research Affiliate at Vancouver School of Theology, and since 2021, her work has been funded in part by Trinity Church Wall Street.

In 2024 and 2025, as part of her doctoral research study, she will be testing a new approach to teaching adaptive leadership to Anglican, United and Presbyterian clergy at ten sites across Canada.

Clara has ten years of ordained ministry experience, both in parish and diocesan ministry, working with urban, multi-ethnic churches as well as struggling rural congregations.

With her husband Michael, she has two adult step-daughters, two characterful horses, and a delightful Border Terrier named Jonah.




The Rev. Helen Dunn 

Rector, St Clement’s Anglican Church, North Vancouver


Clara's course was the best thing I did this summer to prepare myself for returning to in-person worship.

Clara gave me practical steps for re-engaging my congregation as we continue to find new ways of being together.

As a leader, I felt equipped and encouraged.

As a Christian, I felt inspired and drawn again to the calling of the Holy Spirit." 


The Rev. Dr. Kyle Norman

Author, and Dean of The Territory of the People, Kamloops BC.

Clara King has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to leadership within the church. This knowledge, however, isn't just for the head. 

Clara has an uncanny ability to describe the practical implications of leadership, and  how transformation actually occurs in congregations today. 

Clara is inspiring, encouraging, and motivational.  Her lessons leave you feeling that you can (and will) have positive impact in your church.

Clara's wealth of knowledge in the subject is only surpassed by her clear passion for the Lord, and her willingness to engage in the Holy Spirit.

I encourage anyone to journey with Clara; you won't be disappointed.

Adam Cresswell

Executive Director, The Hub Community Network


"Rev. Clara is a brilliant teacher, leader and facilitator.

She is able to bring her excellent research in the world of academia beyond just academics. Her work both written and in-person is extremely accessible and inclusive.

She publishes and leads in a very informative and yet down to earth way that is inclusive of everyone, including practitioners like myself who don't have formal theological or ministry training and don't work in academia."