Learning Experiences 

These courses aren’t just lectures.


Clara’s courses on leadership are holistic learning experiences, where we learn to see our daily experiences with new eyes, and discover powerful skills we didn’t know we already have.

Clara studies the pedagogy of leadership - how to teach leadership so the theory comes alive in our daily lives.  Clara has us thinking about what it feels like to lead, and she facilitates the sessions so everyone gets involved - even on Zoom! 

She’s also deeply rooted in the Christian faith, and helps everyone to feel how the Holy Spirit is at work in and through us.  It’s really uplifting and encouraging, which is so important in the burnout of the pandemic!

Clara assumes that everyone in these courses already has skills for leadership, and that no one comes like a “blank slate” knowing nothing.  But even Olympic athletes are always honing their skills. 

Like a great coach, Clara accommodates a wide diversity of experience in her classes.  For the brilliant leader, and the anxious novice, and the burned-out parish priest, there is an invitation to a life-giving, faithful new practice here. 

For 2021-2022, Clara is offering Leading Adaptively, a three-session Zoom course, in partnership with EDGE at the United Church of Canada.  Registration is by invitation only in 2021, and will open to the public in 2022.


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to discuss your goals for your Clergy Conference, Clergy Retreat, or denominational conference. 

Online and in-person available (COVID permitting). 

Now booking for the 2023-2024 season.


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ReCalling The Church

Whether you’re an ordained leader or a member of the congregation, you’ll learn daily practices that you can use to make a difference.  You could start now – with no more time, talent, or treasure than you already have, right now.  

Discover a fresh calling for the Church, and a refreshing call to leadership.

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Feedback from prior participants:

“This presentation is among the few I've seen given in a church context that spoke openly about God, which was so greatly appreciated.”

"I really liked Clara’s enthusiasm for the subject and the fact that she shared something so personal.” 

“The case study reaffirmed and proved that all things are possible if we can identify and respond to what it is that people want for themselves and if they are involved in their own transformation.” 

“The example was one that was extremely helpful to look through as it was similar to some of my own past experiences.” 

"Awesome and unexpected.”